Saturday, 26 April 2014

Repairing the clamp of a Moga Pro

I bought a Moga Pro Power while in the US a few months back. I really like it, but unfortunately the hing/clamp that holds the phone broke on mine shortly after getting it. It became completely loose.

So I decided to try repair it today and in truth its not too bad of a fix. I'm not saying this is the right way to do it, but it worked for me anyways! It will take about 5-10 mins in total.

What you need:

  • Precision phillips head screw driver (must be magnetic)

Step 1

Remove rubber that is at the bottom of the clamp, you should be able to do this with anything flat, like a knife or even your nail.

Step 2

Remove the screws that are underneath.

Step 3

You should now be able to remove the piece that is at the bottom of the hinge beside the controller. I'd imagine more than likely the two additional parts in the photo will come out too (these are the reason its working anymore. The silver one is coiled up metal that gives the clamp its power. The smaller black part holds it in place.

Step 4

Remove the screw that is on the orange part of the clamp. It will be where the green square is on the image. Make sure you are pressing pretty hard against it with the screw driver as it is a little awkward to get at as the black plastic is in the way.

Step 5

Place the hole on the metal coil over the screw hole on the orange plastic. It should be flat against the plastic. (Use gravity as your friend here, its easiest if you keep the orange plastic flat with the table) Screw the screw back into the hole, but not 100%. When it is almost there stand the controller up so the metal coil is now hanging off the screw and finish the screw off. When done it should look like below.  

Step 6

Insert the small black plastic piece between the coil and the part of the hinge that holds your phone. IT should line up with two little nubs at the underside as shown in the photo. It should hold it's self in there at this stage. Gently test that the hinge is operating correctly at this point.

Step 7

Put back on the piece of plastic removed in step 3 and re-apply the rubber. And that's it, enjoy your repaired hinge!

Any questions feel free to give me a shout @witnessmenow


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  2. Thank you for the tutorial Brian!

    Same thing happened to me shortly after I received my MOGA Pro Power from Amazon. Couldn't have done this without you. Working perfectly now.

    This deserves more attention and views especially given how common the problem seems to be.

    1. Hey,

      No problem! Glad it helped.

      I looked for a tutorial before I attempted the fix and couldn't find one, so I decided it would be worth documenting it.

  3. Much love, I knew this was probably an easy fix but couldn't figure out where to open the controller, I thought I was gonna have to open the whole body casing and unattach the clamp arm at the base or something. Never would've looked under the rubber mat. Works like a charm now.