Thursday, 21 February 2013

HP N40L Microserver Overview


In my effort to find components to build a low powered home server, I came across a cashback offer on the HP N40L which was not bad value to begin with as the case is perfect for a small home server. I bought mine off Ebuyer (I paid £210 + postage, although at time of writing the price has gone up to £260!). I used Parcel Motel as Ebuyer will not deliver to Ireland. (Use Google wallet to pay).

It is has a pretty decent spec for the job:

  • AMD Turion™ II Neo N40L (1.5GHz) 
  • AMD RS785E/SB820M chipset
  • Two (2) DIMM slots 
  • 2GB (1x2GB) Standard or 4GB (1x4GB)/8GB Maximum, using PC3-10600E DDR3 Unbuffered (UDIMM) ECC memory, operating at max. 800MHz 
Storage Controller:
  • Embedded AMD SATA controller with RAID 0, 1 
  • Embedded AMD eSATA controller for connecting external storage devices via the eSATA connector in the rear of the server 
Internal Drive Support:
  • 4 Internal HDD Support 
  • Maximum internal SATA storage capacity of up to 8.0TB (4 x 2TB 3.5" SATA drives) 
Network Controller:
  • Embedded NC107i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter 
Expansion Slots:
  • Slot 1: PCI-Express Gen 2 x16 connector with x16 link 
  • Slot 2: PCI-Express Gen 2 x1 connector with x1 Link 
  • Slot 2-2: PCI-Express x4 slot for optional management card 
  • USB 2.0 Ports: 
  • Seven (7) USB 2.0 ports: 4 front , 2 rear, 1 internal (for tape) 
Power Supply:
  • 150 Watts Non-Hot Plug, Non Redundant Power Supply 
I received it today and it looks great, a really solid looking machine. I have not bought any extra hard drives for it at the moment (I'm banking that the prices are going to keep falling :) )

I have thrown Ubuntu LTS 12.04.2 64-bit Server edition onto it. I installed it using a USB disc drive. In future blog posts I am, mainly for my own records!, going to document the set up steps I run on this machine to get it working as a home server.

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